Top 3 Peanut Podcast Moments

In recognition of International Podcast Day on September 30 and the one-year anniversary of The Peanut Podcast, we wanted to celebrate and share a few favorite memories from our episodes.  Read more

Peanuts in Humanitarian Relief

For the one-year anniversary episode of the Peanut Podcast, we’ve covered how the peanut industry uses and donates peanuts to those in need.  Read more

Autumn in the South is All About Green Peanuts

Autumn brings with it familiar cool weather foods but chefs and foodies in the South get most excited about another fall harvest crop – green peanuts.  Read more

The Cost of Peanut Production

Since 2001, NPB has allocated more than $38 million to this cause to help increase efficiencies for America’s peanut farmers.  Read more

5 Things You Don’t Know About Harvesting Peanuts

It's harvest time in Peanut Country. Discover how farmers get it done.  Read more

The Power of a Little Movement

Learn how a little physical activity goes a long way, according to the latest research.  Read more

Peanut Production Across Regions

In this episode of the Peanut Podcast, we spoke to peanut growers in each region to learn what makes that area unique.  Read more