The Mighty PB&J

The peanut butter and jelly sandwich has been a superhero of sorts over the past year.  Read more

National Peanut Board Launches Grow it Yourself Campaign with Plant Kween & Apartment Therapy

NPB’s Grow it Yourself (GIY) Consumer Activation Launches with Flair.  Read more

Even Mother Earth Loves Peanuts

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Peanuts - A Love Story

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National Peanut Board’s April Board Meeting is Planned for In-Person and Virtual Attendance

NPB will hold its quarterly Board and committee meetings in Memphis, TN., April 13-14, 2021.  Read more

Put Your Best Plant Forward with Peanuts

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The Year We Fell in Love with Peanut Butter Again

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Peanut Allergy in U.S. Adults: On the rise?

In February, a new study was published showing a significant rise in the numbers of adults with peanut allergy in the U.S.  Read more