The National Peanut Board is a farmer-funded national research, promotion and education group in support of all things peanuts. Each of the 12 major peanut-producing American states is represented by a board member and an alternate. One at-large board member and alternate represent all minor peanut-producing states. Click on any of the faces below to meet the U.S. peanut farmers who currently volunteer to serve on the National Peanut Board.

OFFICERS (Jan. 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)


Andy Bell., Chairman
Les Crall, Vice Chairman
Paul Rogers, Treasurer
Greg Baltz, Secretary


Andy Bell


Lonnie Fortner


Bruce Lee

New Mexico

Raymond Garner Jr.

North Carolina

Les Crall


Bud Bowers

South Carolina

Paul Rogers


Clay Deane



ALABAMA – Thomas Adams         NEW MEXICO – Vacancy
ARKANSAS – Allen Donner           NORTH CAROLINA – Julie Ward
AT-LARGE – Lucy Shackelford      OKLAHOMA – Gayle White
FLORIDA – Nick L. Marshall           SOUTH CAROLINA – Neal Baxley Jr.
GEORGIA – Casey Cox                    TEXAS – Jeff Roper
MISSISSIPPI – Alan D. Atkins        VIRGINIA – Westley Barnes Drake
MISSOURI – Russ Hoggard