When disaster strikes, food banks and charitable aid organizations are more essential than ever. Extreme rainfall, high winds and flooding recently in Louisiana (called historic by one TV station) left thousands of Louisianans displaced from their homes and communities.

To help these victims and many others like them when tragedy hits, people in the peanut industry respond by donating what they give best—jars of peanut butter to those in need.

Recently, the National Peanut Board joined with Peanut Proud, a peanut industry humanitarian group, and The Kroger Company to donate more than 27,000 jars of peanut butter to the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana.

“This peanut butter is a huge help as it is a shelf stable item, a protein and delicious for all ages. The Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana relies on donated products to provide for our children, seniors and families all year long. Peanut butter is a Food Bank staple and we typically do not have enough to go around,” said Ashley White, development officer for FBNELA.

Before the peanut butter donations arrived, White said the Food Bank had been giving out as many as 1,500 disaster relief boxes, water and Gatorade for two weeks and could see the impact that had taken on their inventory. “This peanut butter donation couldn’t have come at any better time for us,” she said.

Whenever disaster strikes, food banks in the surrounding area need donations more than they normally do. How can you donate if you don’t live in the area affected by a catastrophic event? One great way to help  is to visit Feeding America, an online database of food banks across the U. S., where you can find a food bank in any hard-hit area and see how to donate to that region.

And, because we’re passionate for peanuts, we believe peanut butter is an almost perfect donation for disaster relief. Why? Click here.

In the words of Gregg Grimsley, president of Peanut Proud, “peanut butter is the number one item most requested by food banks due to its nutritious, inexpensive and shelf-stable nature. You can store it without refrigeration and without electricity. That’s a donation you can feel good about.”

(PHOTO ABOVE) National Peanut Board (NPB) member Eileen Jordan from Louisiana (center), her husband and former NPB chairman Vic Jordan (left), and NPB Food Allergy Education Advisory Council member and Louisiana resident Wesley Johnson shared in the delivery of 27,000 jars of peanut butter to support Louisiana flood victims.