The National Peanut Board is a farmer-funded national research, promotion and education group in support of all things peanuts. Each of the 12 major peanut-producing American states is represented by a board member and an alternate. One at-large board member and alternate represent all minor peanut-producing states. Click on any of the faces below to meet the U.S. peanut farmers who currently volunteer to serve on the National Peanut Board.

OFFICERS (Jan. 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021)


Andy Bell., Chairman
Les Crall, Vice Chairman
Paul Rogers, Treasurer
Greg Baltz, Secretary


Clay Deane



ALABAMA – Thomas Adams         NEW MEXICO – Vacancy
ARKANSAS – Allen Donner           NORTH CAROLINA – Julie Ward
AT-LARGE – Lucy Shackelford      OKLAHOMA – Gayle White
FLORIDA – Nick L. Marshall           SOUTH CAROLINA – Neal Baxley Jr.
GEORGIA – Casey Cox                    TEXAS – Jeff Roper
MISSISSIPPI – Alan D. Atkins        VIRGINIA – Westley Barnes Drake
MISSOURI – Russ Hoggard